Why your car needs an MOT test

The MOT is a mandatory test that every car needs to pass for you to keep driving it. It was first introduced in the UK in 1960, however, two years ago in 2018, some changes were introduced to account for fresh vehicle features. This has brought up a lot of questions regarding what exactly is an MOT test, and whether it should still be required for all cars or only the ones that have been around for at least 5 or more years.

An MOT Birmingham usually tests your vehicle’s roadworthiness, safety, and emissions. It does not matter the make and model of your vehicle, every car has to carry out this test all around the UK, once the car is three years old.

Nevertheless, more and more Britons believe that automobiles have evolved significantly during the last decades. They wonder if this yearly test is still necessary, as they have noticed that countries like France, Germany, the US, and Norway have fewer tests.

First of all, it is important to remind you of all the benefits that an MOT offers you and your car. It is still a significant procedure to ensure that your vehicle is good to drive and roadworthy.

MOT certificate

It is prohibited to use your car if it does not have an MOT certificate. If you are spotted without a legit certificate, you will be fined £2500. Some drivers do not comprehend the scope of an MOT and do not know what happens during the test. This lack of awareness can be a big issue that can cost extra money in avoidable repairs.

Motorists in the UK can even spend together more than £3.4 billion, around £90 individually, per year in restoration costs after they fail their MOT tests, with a huge part of this spent repairing damages that could have been prevented.

This is why it is imperative that everyone is aware of the requirements before taking the MOT test. The MOT assesses whether your automobile meets all the legal standards.

Safety should be the central aspect of vehicle ownership and driving. Following rigorous protocols in the UK has been critical to be considered to have the safest roads in the entire world.

Back then, when the MOT was first created, the majority of motorists used to drive cheaper second-hand vehicles and they kept them for more time than they do now.

This means they needed to carry out mechanical checks more often to verify that everything was fine with their cars and decrease the possibilities of car accidents.

Nowadays, cars have changed. They are designed to be roadworthy, have more innovative safety features, and are supposed to be less susceptible to damages.

However, the question remains the same. Is it still worth it? Even with all these new technologies and improvements, more than 1.5 million cars keep failing their MOT tests every year due to things as simple as tyre tread, empty fluid bottles, and even a faulty bulb. It is very easy to prevent most of them with just a fast check every once in a while, it might take you no more than some hours and a few euros, but can avoid major damages and expenses!

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