Why Your Fuel Economy May Have Taken a Hit For the Worse

Cars are the most common mode of transport in Britain. According to RAC, almost 78% of all distance travelled by British people is in cars. In total, people travelled 327.1 billion miles in their vehicles in 2018. However, the average mileage of a car has dropped from 9,200 miles in 2002 to 7,900 miles in 2018.

The falling mileage of an average car is a matter for worry for most car owners. There might be many reasons behind it, mechanical failure of vehicles being one of the foremost. So, let’s take a look at some of the mechanical reasons why your car’s fuel economy might have taken a hit.

Tyre issues

The fuel economy of a car is directly related to its tyres. Nowadays, there are even eco-friendly tyres in the market which are known to increase the mileage of car by a significant margin.

However, there are some tyre issues which might lead to reduced fuel mileage.

  • Tyre balance: Tyre imbalance is one of the crucial factors affecting the fuel economy of a car. You must get it checked every 6 months or whenever you notice one of the following symptoms:

  1. Bulges on the tyre body

  2. Patchy or scalloped tyre wear

  3. Incessant vibrations, especially at high speeds

  • Wheel alignment: If one or more wheels of your car are misaligned, it’ll take an adverse effect on your car’s mileage. Misalignment issues are quite common; 7 out of every 10 cars in the UK are said to have wheel alignment issues. It’s paramount to get your wheel alignment in Pickering checked every 6 months.

  • Mismatched tyres: Automobile experts recommend fitting a single type of tyre on all four wheels. Doing otherwise will have a lot of unfavourable outcomes, reduced fuel economy being one of the most critical ones.

  • Improper inflation: Under-inflation of tyres may reduce the fuel economy of a car by as much as 25%, according to studies. You should check the inflation pressure of your car tyres every two weeks, at the very least. You can do it easily at home with an off-the-shelf pressure gauge.

Exhaust issues

The exhaust system of a car is directly connected to its engine and has a direct bearing on its fuel economy. It is an incredibly complex system comprising of multiple components fitted together within a network of pipes, and any fault in one of the parts may potentially bring down the performance of your car altogether.

It is especially true for the catalytic converter and the oxygen sensor. Both these components detect the quality of exhaust fumes. If they are not working correctly, unburnt fuel will escape through the system, bringing down the fuel economy.

Take your car for an exhaust repair in Pickering if you’re experiencing these issues. ADD Tyres and Exhausts is an excellent place that you can visit for fixing any exhaust issues you might have. They are also known for their collection of spare tyres and various other services such as wheel alignment, brakes and clutch repair.

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