Winning Tyres from Avon to Traverse Anyplace at Any Time!

Are you wondering which the best tyres in Newport are to buy for a long drive?

Well, as the saying goes, ‘old is gold’, here’s presenting to you Avon tyres!

Throughout the decade, Avon tyres have been supporting car constructions like-

  1. BMW
  2. Rolls Royce
  3. Bentley
  4. Land Rover

Presently, Avon has been successfully selling a range of tyres from reputable garages around the UK, like Trade Price Tyres Newport. In fact, here are some of the consumer favourites for family cars –

  1. ZV7

With the ZV7, rest assured you’ll get the necessary speed without compromising on safety. Here are it’s features –

  1. Better water clearance courtesy to the large circumferential grooves.
  2. Advanced mixing techniques and new polymer technology help in better wet & dry grip.
  3. Better fuel efficiency as a result of lower rolling resistance.
  4. Noise reduction feature with rim flange protector.

Perfect for family rides in summer and monsoon alike, get your car tyres from Newport as it hosts some of the best garages in the UK.

  1. ZZ5

Fan of drag racing? Love the adrenalin rush while you zip through the quarter mile?

Well, then you should get yourself the ZZ5 as your car tyres in Newport or elsewhere at affordable rates. Now, check out the winning points of ZZ5.

  • This product uses IATD (Intelligent Asymmetric Tread Design) which has 3 zones –
  1. The inner shoulder is manufactured to promote balanced tread wear.
  2. Enhanced centre groove for water expulsion.
  3. Broad outer shoulders to provide confident handling.
  • Silica tread combined with polymer technology for providing better grip in both dry & wet situation.
  • Two-ply rayon casing with tuned construction for predictable handling.
  • Proper rim flange protectors to prevent alloy damage.
  • Latest Tri-Arc mould shape for upgraded contact pressure distribution and even tread wear.
  1. ZT5

If you have plans to upgrade your family car’s tyre this year, then get ZT5 for regular use. The product is a winner catering to these features –

It has three wide circumferential grooves running along its inner shoulders offering better hydroplaning resistance during winter & monsoon season. Additionally, Avon pitch sequencing technology helps in reducing noise cancellation.

What’s more?

It provides an explicit range of benefits for family cars with firm grip & excellent steering, which helps to enhance the tyre longevity if you select the ZT5 for your car’s tyres Newport.

  1. Turbosteel 70

If you’re the proud owner of a Rolls Royce or Bentley, then go for Turbosteel 70 as this is considered the best tyre for high-profile cars.

The Turbosteel 70 comes packed with abundant flex in the sidewall which enables a smooth ride. Further, with efficient and advanced tread pattern, it helps in quick water expulsion and also, reduces screeching.

Better gripping and wet braking features are the additional bonuses!

  1. Turbo Speed CR227

The Turbo speed CR227 is perfect for the elite section of luxury car owners. If you’re looking for a smooth ride free of noise, this tyre is for you. Superior wet gripping, low noise cancellation due to improved tread pattern; this tyre is made for all range of luxury cars.

So, if you’re done planning those long rides, buy your Avon car tyres in Newport now, and take your car for a spin for as long as you want.

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