Winter Basics: What you can do to Ensure Maximum Productivity of Your Car

British winters can be harsh, both for you and your car. There are some added precautions and maintenance hacks that you should follow during this season, especially if you live in areas with heavy snowfall. Not only is the winter harsh on the physical condition of your car, it adversely affects drivability too. Accidents spike up during this time of the year; carefulness and maintenance are the two things that can save you and your car in winters.

Winter car maintenance

The British winter generally lasts between mid-November and February, with December and January witnessing the lowest temperatures. Most of the roads, especially in the northern parts of the country are covered in snow which makes driving anything but pleasant.

Here are some maintenance tips that’ll help you drive your car unscathed through these testing times.

  • Tyre change

First things first, as soon as the temperature starts to hover around 7°C, it’s time to change your summer tyres with their winter counterparts. Summer tyres become stiff and even brittle when the temperature drops. They cannot exert adequate grip required for driving on wintry road conditions.

Invest in a set of premium winter car tyres Harworth. Michelin X-ice Xi3, ContiWinterContact, Pirelli P Zero are all excellent winter tyres which you can choose to install on your car. These tyres are made from a softer compound of rubber and have deeper grooves with sipes for better traction.

  • Over-inflate your tyres

Tyre inflation pressure falls with temperature drop. So, if you live in areas where there is a substantial gap between day and night temperatures, you may do well to over-inflate your tyres by 1 or 2 PSI.

  • Carry an emergency kit

You may or may not need it, but it’s always better to be prepared. Keep essential items such as canned food, matches, phone charger, essential medicines, and anything else you think you might need if you get stuck in the snow somewhere. Remember that help could be hours away.

On the same note, you may also carry a shovel and some salt in the trunk of your car. They are insanely useful if your car gets stuck in the snow.

  • Check the condition of windshield wipers

Visibility is an important factor, especially in winters. So, make sure that your windshield wipers are in proper working conditions. They have a propensity to get brittle during winters. Replace them if necessary.

Also, check the condition of the washer fluid. Refill it with washer fluid and anti-freeze mixture in a 1:1 ratio if necessary.

  • Pack jumper cables

Car batteries are more prone to getting discharged during winters. It’s always a good idea to have a jumper cable ready and know how to use them to jump start your car.

  • Service your vehicle before the temperatures drop

Experts advise on going for a complete servicing at dependable auto garages such as Harworth Tyres Services before the gruelling months begin. They will check all the essential parts of your car and also perform any necessary repairs like wheel alignment or puncture repair in Harworth.

Be the Santa for your car this winter. Gift it proper maintenance for tackling the adverse winter conditions.

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