Winter Tyres And The Wonders They Perform

Tyres are a vital element to ensure a smooth driving experience. No matter, how good your car’s engine is performing or how efficient is your braking system if you have an efficient set of tyres, you can never achieve the desired results from your car. Talking about tyres, you must know that the automobile industry manufactures a variety of tyres such as seasonal tyres and terrain tyres.

As you know, we are on the verge to end December 2019 and winters are acting on their peak. So you must be aware of a segment of seasonal tyres, i.e. winter tyres.

What are winter tyres?

Made of a soft rubber compound as compared to summer or all-season tyres, these tyres are ideal for driving comfortably on icy and snow-laden roads. When summer tyres fail to provide adequate gripping and traction in chilling temperatures, Winter Tyres Leamington Spa should be your choice.

Being a car owner, you need to be aware of the features performed by winter tyres.

What are the advantages of using winter tyres?

Increased gripping and braking: Winter tyres feature a flexible rubber and increased tread (rubber around the circumference of a tyre) gaps to improve the braking distance and gripping on snowy and icy roads.

Decreased snow buildup between the tyres: Winter tyres have a unique tread pattern with increased depth to prevent the accumulation of snow between the grooves and in turn, help the driver to cut through snowy and frost-full roads.

Low-Temperature support: Most of the car owners prefer fitting their cars with winter tyres once, the temperature drops below 7 degrees Celsius. This is because winter tyres cannot perform adequately in hot and mild temperatures. Moreover, they perform optimum support and stability in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

These were some advantages of winter tyres. However, a lot of customers still prefer using summer or all-season tyres in the winter season. You must be aware of the fact how summer and all-season tyres are no match for winter Tyres Leamington Spa in cold temperatures.

Winter Tyres VS Summer and All-Season tyres

Poor Acceleration: Although summer tyres have a low-rolling resistance and better handling than winter tyres, it disrupts your car’s acceleration on snowy roads because of its hard rubber compound.

Improper handling: All season tyres provide decent performance in the cold as well as hot temperature but there is another fact you should know. Cold weather support in all-season tyres is limited to light snow condition, you cannot expect it to provide optimum handling in heavy snow and icy conditions. This happens because its tread starts to harden in chilling temperatures.

Increased costs: A major disadvantage of using summer and all-season tyres is the increased costs. As you know, summer and all-season tyres lose their abilities in snow so they demand higher maintenance and service costs.

Finally, any sensible owner would like to know the price of these amazing snow companions or winter tyres.

How much do winter tyres cost?

Depending on your car’ make and model, you can expect a single winter tyre to cost you between £60-£200.

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