Winter Tyres can be Relieving

Winter tyres can be a way to relieve yourself from the stress of a lot of things. Changing into winter tyres when it is the right time would be one of the best things to do for your car and, of course, yourself. But certain requirements need to be satisfied first to own them legally. Let us get some idea about all the things necessary about buying winter tyres and using them well.

Winter Tyres are Seasonal

It is true if you have heard about winter tyres being seasonal tyres in kind. But even this is subject to change as per the location and its dominant weather. Winter tyres are designed to work in extremely cold conditions. So, if you are from a cold region and usually have temperatures below 7 degrees throughout the year, these winter tyres would no more be seasonal tyres for you, but rather all season in nature. In a cooler climate, they work the best, and once you experience driving with these Nexen Tyres, you will not want to switch to anything else or even think about it.

On the other hand, if you belong to a tropical region with warm temperatures all year round and a mild winter, you may or may not require winter tyres even in winter. If temperatures drop below 7 degrees in your place during the winter season, you can think of changing into these winter tyres. Only in such cases, winter tyres can be rightly called seasonal tyres. Then again, wishing to change into these is not enough for owning winter tyres as there are some places where the government bans winter tyre use. It might be to reduce the unnecessary and overuse of winter tyres as wrong use of it can hamper the drive and risk the safety of the vehicle and the ones on the street.

Conditions for Winter Tyre Use

If you are wondering what should be checked and made sure of before purchasing winter tyre sets, then the following are some of the most basic requirements:

Firstly, it is extremely important to understand the local climate of your place. Also, the driving requirements should be checked, which means whether you mostly drive through snowy paths or hot and humid regions. The daily driver condition is even more important than what your regional weather conditions are usually. And in case it is just around the town that you need to drive, then it has to be below 7-degree centigrade at the least for you to use winter tyres. Driving through snowy and muddy roads also require winter Tyres Tamworth.

Secondly, the next important thing is to make sure there is no government ban on using winter tyres. As mentioned earlier, sometimes, for several reasons, the government of many countries find it safe and a better decision not to allow winter tyres. If you forget to check this condition before fitting winter tyres to your car, you can get into legal trouble because winter tyre use would be an illegal act.

Next, if you are using these as seasonal tyres, it is important to stay by the rules and only use them until winter lasts and not a day. Otherwise, using these specially designed winter tyres can jeopardize your safety along with others on the road. Moreover, the drive shall not feel as comfortable as the winter times.

Winter Tyre Construction

Winter tyres are not the same as the other standard tyres. It is made differently with different materials as well, only to make it worthy for winter use. This is impossible without certain alterations in the tyre compound, so these tyres are found to be using a higher content of natural rubber than the others. This helps it to retain its flexibility and strength under really low temperatures. Other tyres would easily get hard as the mercury would go down in turn, making the drive extremely uncomfortable and unsafe. There are also some more added compounds like silica in high amount.

Other than that, the tread patterns are also exclusive to allow better gripping on sticky ice roads and manoeuvering the car through mud and snow successfully. Aquaplaning is also avoidable because of the planned treads of these special tyres. There is no better option than these for winters.

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