You must Know When you can Repair a Tyre Puncture

You might be aware of the fact that tyre punctures are a great headache and never fun. They force you to immediately stop your journey and pay attention to them. If you ignore them, they will add more tasks, damage the tyres and increase the cost of repair.

Purchasing a new tyre and getting done with it is the easiest and quickest way to handle the puncture issue.

But another option is Tyre Repair Uxbridge, and in specific conditions, it may be a better one. This article will depict matter related to tyre puncture and whether the method you are adopting to repair the puncture is suitable or not.

When a puncture occurs, you must first identify the reasons causing the puncture. Although, knowing the cause won’t help you to solve the issue but it will help you prevent this from happening again by assessing the risk. When it is the matter of your repairing and safe use of tyres, this is crucial.

Patch and Repair

Before you visit a garage to get the puncture repaired, you must enquire first whether it can be solved temporarily by a simple patch or not. This is an economical and fast option especially when you are in the middle of your trip. This will help you prevent a huge disruption.

When it is the matter of repair kits for tyres, two facts are crucial to remember. First, with tubeless categories of tyres, they must be used. Second, on the surface of the tread of the tyre, the puncture repair kit must be used. If a puncture is sustained on the sidewall, then the tyre must not be used or patched further as the structure of the

tyre gets weakened

If repairing your tyre, a simple kit for tyre patch is very small then this is a sign that some issue is present. This doesn’t indicate that the Tyres Uxbridge can’t be fixed but it indicates that driving with patched tyres is not safe. You must replace the punctured tyres with spare ones for more safety in such circumstances.

However, this is always the best option to carry out in every situation. Whenever you need to, you must call for a tow truck or a call for help.

When must you replace it?

When it is the matter of a repair, every tyre puncture can vary, but usual rules of thumb are there. It can be repaired usually without any problem if the damage is within the central tyres’ 60-70% of the nominal width and it’s a small hole less than 6mm.

The fact that the tyre is no more suitable for repair is indicated by the damage beyond these parameters. Opting for a new Tyre Repair is best in such cases. You must get your tyre checked when you visit the tyre shop. Definitely, a possibility is the multiple tyres damage, even though it is not noticed on time. So, you must get your tyre checked regularly.

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