Your Exhaust Leak Is Quite Identifiable With The Help Of Five Signs It Gives

Any leak is not good for your vehicle, and when it is in the exhaust system, it could be dangerous for your vehicle, the environment, as well as your health. The exhaust system struggles to keep your vehicle and the environment clean by transforming ozone-forming emissions into the less harmful exhaust, which is released through tailpipe at the end.

And when the exhaust system doesn’t function properly, these toxic gases could enter your car’s cabin which could lead to serious risks,if inhaled in considerable amount. Thank goodness, you can sense the signs that your faulty exhaust system gives:

Follow Your Senses

1. Augmented Exhaust Noise and Smell Levels: Here noise means the sound of explosions (occurring inside the engine) and high-velocity gases (produced during fuel combustion process) that are supposed to leave your vehicle. The unusually increased sound is the obvious sign of a leak somewhere in the exhaust system. This hissing or rattling sound may not be audible due to traffic or tyre noise.

The exhaust leak doesn’t only cause problems to other road users but also your vehicle and you. If these toxic gases make their way to your vehicle’s cabin instead of escaping through the tailpipe, your health could be at risk. Little smell coming from fuel and exhaust is typical but you should be smart enough to differentiate between the normal and abnormal smell and noise coming from your exhaust and treat it before its too late.

2. Reduced Power and Acceleration: A problematic exhaust system will not let your engine perform in it’s intended way. Your ailed exhaust system might make you sense that your engine and the accelerator are low in power and your vehicle is unable to take the speed you want. This situation will continue irritating you until you address your vehicle’s exhaust problems.

3. Low Fuel Efficiency: One problem initiates another. Your fuel efficiency will start diminishing with the power deterioration of your engine and accelerator. Harder the engine works, more the fuel consumed. You may not immediately suspect the increasing rate of fuel consumption, but when your fuel station visits multiply, you will surely consider repairing or replacing your faulty exhaust system.

4. Blazing Smell From the Engine Bay: The heat from the exhaust gases with the leak in gasket could burn wiring or any part (made of rubber or plastic) under the hood. As a result, burning smell or a little smoke can be found inside the hood. Take your vehicle to a good mechanic as soon as you detect this kind of a problem.

5. Suspended Exhaust Pipe: Follow your eyes; if you observe your exhaust pipe hanging, stop your vehicle at a repair centre before it creates further damages to your vehicle’s other parts.

Tomorrow Never Comes

Most motorists tend to postpone their visit to a repair centre even after noticing the above signs. They might have their own good reasons. One of the most common reasons behind this behaviour is their fear of handing over their vehicle to unprofessional mechanics. Ingenuine repair bills or/and imperfect repairs are very disappointing and finding the right repair centre could be time-consuming.

However, you can rely on the repair centre, which is trusted by most Bicester motorists; it is none other than Phillips Tyres. Besides tyre solutions, we delight our customers with many services ranging from full vehicle servicing to individual component repairs which includes Exhaust Repair Bicester as well. So stop leaving your repairs on tomorrow and be here today, before your small exhaust leak causes more significant problems in your vehicle.

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