Your Handy Guide To Maintaining The Car Exhaust System

Your car is a significant one-time investment, but it requires care and services till the time you buy a new car. If you check your vehicle from time to time, you can save yourself some unnecessary future expenses. 

The engine is the first part of a car, and to make it more powerful, it is necessary to allow this system to breathe well. Therefore, the excellent exhaust is essential to keep the engine working efficiently. Here are some tips for you to amp up your car exhaust system. 

Be aware of your vehicle performance

Your car will give you ample warnings before shutting down completely. You need to check if your vehicle is making any unusual noises or having trouble with the functioning of any part. It would help if you were vigilant about the engine light.

Indicators such as increased fuel consumption, burning smell, and decreased engine power can help you to identify problems in the exhaust. Due to excessive heat and pressure, there could be a leak in the pipe. 

Repair damaged parts

An exhaust system consists of various components such as a catalytic converter, exhaust manifold, muffler, and so on. If any section is broken, then you should get it replaced immediately. It’s a possibility that you might not find some specific parts; in that case, you can try to get the existing part repaired.

To enhance the performance of your vehicle, get it checked by a mechanic regularly. It’s not feasible for everyone to visit a garage, so an alternative to this is hiring an automotive specialist.

Clean exhaust pipe with water and soap

Over a while, a reasonable amount of dirt gets collected around different components of the exhaust pipe. If you are cleaning the pipe yourself, then you can start with the basics.

There are products available for cleaning the pipe. You can mix the soap with water and then thoroughly clean the duct. You can use an old cloth to wipe the outer part of the tube while using a brush to remove dirt from the inner parts.

Apply and remove the degreaser

The next step is to apply a thick layer of degreaser to every nook and corner of the pipe. A degreaser can assist you to soften the hard layer of rust that’s stuck on the tube.

Let the degreaser sit for some time, then remove it using steel wool in a circular motion. It will get rid of all the carbon build-up. Keep repeating the process again and again to get a shiny and almost a new looking exhaust pipe.

Apply and remove polish

Take a substantial amount of polish and rub it all over the pipe with the help of steel wool. Before pertaining to polish, you are supposed to wipe off all the remaining moisture and dust particles with a microfiber cloth.

Finally, remove the polish gently with the help of microfibre cloth. You can turn to the instructions mentioned on the bottle for further assistance. 

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