Your Safety is in Your Hands! Select Correct Tyres for Your Car

Every tyre does the same job as every tyre is black and round, correct? No wrong! Cheap or budget tyres differ from branded tyres in almost every aspect. Purchasing better quality tyres would be wise rather than buying cheap budget tyres to save some money. Buying quality branded tyres may cost a bit but, they prove to be beneficial and safe in the long run as they have advanced features. Thus, if you are about to purchase tyres, you must get the above thought out of your mind and follow the below points.

Pick Tyres Online for your Car

Are you purchasing tyres for a sports car or an SUV car? Thus, you must pick the best tyre online that would suit your car. You will be offered a precise tyre set for your car model by the tyre companies. The width and pattern of tread varies for Michelin Tyres London meant for SUV, passenger cars, sports car and other forms of vehicles. When you are taking a steep turning or cornering your car or going on a long drive, the features of your car tyres play a major role. Thus, you must go for a precise tyre set apt for your car.

The tyre type


Use of your car, the distance you travel and your driving style determines this. You can have numerous tyres that would suit your requirement. There is premium, recommended and basic tyre options that suit your budget too. You need to get your run-flat tyres replaced by tyres having run-flat technology. These tyres facilitate your vehicle top move for some distance even after the tyres get punctured. Thus, you need not stop immediately where the tyres get punctured and replace your tyre then and there. The suitability of the tyre for a vehicle is determined by its rubber mix, tread pattern and brand.

Number of tyres

You must purchase tyres in pairs to avoid any issues with alignment or irregular wearing. You must fit the tyres on the front end of the car if you are replacing the old ones after use of just two years. Your front wheels are linked with most of handling, steering and braking.  You must ensure that the specifications and the brand match that of the other tyres in the front if you have to purchase only one tyre. You must also ensure that your car’s tyre specification matches that of every tyre in the vehicle.

Durability vs. Grip

Rubber mix and tread pattern vary in each tyre. Between various requirements, such as durability and grip, there is a compromise.  Generally, the better grip is offered by a soft tyre but more rubber is left on the road. Hence, it won’t be durable as long as the hard tyres. An extreme instance is racing tyres: they make the car stick to the road as the tyre rubber is very soft. But, it lasts only for the rest of the race.

Performance of Wet-braking

While selecting new tyres, you need to consider the tyre’s performance on the moist road. This ensures safety. A short distance of stopping in wet regions, efficient handling and more stability is offered by tyres having improved wet grip.

Fuel economy

The fuel economy of a vehicle is affected by tyres. Hence, a tyre having minimum rolling resistance and inflated with the correct amount of pressure must be used.

Handling and Comfort

Minimum wobbling and noise are present in a comfortable tyre. Hence, the behaviour of the vehicles using the tyres must be looked for.

Tyre specification and size

You can find the detailed size of your vehicle Tyres London depicted on the tyre’s sidewall. You can also get it in the vehicle’s manual. You can have almost 50 varieties of tyres available in different designs, sizes that can fit well onto trucks, vans, cars, etc.

Tyre pressure

A crash in your car due to the tyres can be caused majorly due to either under or over-inflated tyres. You won’t face such an issue if your tyres are properly inflated or maintained. To get the correct idea about the tyre pressure of your car tyres, you need to go through the car’s manual.


The handling feature varies from brand to brand. Thus, having all the four tyres of the same brand is recommended.

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